March 3, 2016

New Life

Bradford hadn't even taken his work books off tonight before I enthusiastically blurted out, "I'm going to start blogging regularly again!" He looked at me with that I'm-happy-for-you-but-I-don't-believe-you look that only comes from an adoring husband. A lot has happened since my last 2014. Gasp!

Rather than write a novel trying to catch you up on the past year and a half, let me tell you why I'm finding myself right back here again. The blunt truth is I really need a place for me. A place to serve as my creative outlet. A place to document this fleeting season of life that is so beautiful but is quickly becoming a colorful blur as it speeds by. I love to write, and in the past few years, I've grown to love reading blogs. I appreciate the inspiration gained from a peek into the lives of friends and fellow bloggers. So here I am again, and I am here to stay. I have set a lot of goals I am ready to achieve to make this something I will be proud of and cherish.

Here we go.

Spring is just around the corner for us. One of the many things I love about Tennessee is that spring actually does arrive in March as opposed to the Michigan "spring" stumbling in late in May. There is nothing better than waking up to realize you can finally hear birds chirping outside. Bright green starts to poke up through the faded mulch of last year. Paired appropriately with Easter, spring always feels like the season of new life to me in so many ways. And given the new life I am aiming to breathe into my blog, I thought a glimpse at what the Easter bunny will be bringing Eloise would be a fun first post to dive back in!

I am definitely one of those moms who has gone all out for holidays since day one with Eloise. I know she won't remember it. I know it's more for us than for her at this stage. But it's never too early to raise a kiddo to crave the magic and joy of holidays like I did (ahem, still do), right? Not to mention the Easter bunny likes to slip in sweet treats like Bunny Bait for Mommy and Daddy...

If you haven't heard of Usborne Books and love building your kids' libraries as much as we do, shout and I'll hook you up with my great friend who is an Usborne consultant. I got That's Not My Bunny as one of tons of free books after hosting an online party a few weeks ago. Easter basket jackpot! Eloise is big into touch and feel texture books right now, so I know she'll adore it. When you say, "Where is bunny's nose?" now she will immediately point it out for you. I'm blown away by how smart she is and how fast she is absorbing. Where did my tiny baby go?

Brad and I will probably have more fun with the egg decorating kit than Eloise will, but I expect she will enjoy a good egg lick or two in the process. Maybe try to throw one at the dog. The possibilities are endless! Our local store also had princess and pirate themed kits, too. I let my kid-at-heart husband choose. Circus eggs it is for us this year.

Last but definitely not least, I must mention Eloise's beautiful Easter basket. My Grandma hand wove and painted Easter baskets for my sister and me when we were little. You could say I'm a bit of a basket snob, but I couldn't be more pleased with the hand made basket woven by sweet Jane from the Etsy shop jasperjane. It is just the right size for tiny hands and has accents of light pink and seagrass woven into the details. We will cherish it forever and on many egg hunts. I can't wait to order more from Jane and support a small business as our family gains more little chicks.

Here's to hoping sunny, spring days are coming your way soon!

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