March 25, 2016

Friday Funnies

Happy Friday! We made it through another week. I hope you've been graced with the same beautiful spring weather we've been enjoying. To help roll your work week into the spirit of the weekend, here is what made us laugh the hardest at the Witt house this week:

There's a new bunny in town, thanks to Siri. My 14-month-old daughter is fascinated by the home button on my iPhone, so she and Siri are becoming accidental fast friends. As we were rushing out the door I gave Eloise my phone (mom of the year) to get her to sit still while I put my shoes on. Then I said to her, "Are you ready boo-boo bunny?" Boo-boo, one of her many nicknames, has gained a seasonal twist lately with Easter just around the corner. Then Siri chimes in.

I highly recommend listening to Siri say "boobs boobs the bunny" if you need a laugh. The pink bunny Grandma got Eloise for Easter is now affectionately known as Boobs Boobs. Obviously.

I am a bit of an obsessive neat freak. All things must have a home, and I start to feel a little twitchy if things are out of place. You can imagine my delight (and poor Brad's horror) when we caught Eloise organizing her books the other night!! Pulling them all out of her coffee table basket, spreading them out on the floor, and then one-by-one returning them to their rightful place has become a daily activity. Other things she enjoys organizing are puzzle pieces into her mini grocery shopping cart and salad dressing out of and back into the bottom fridge shelf. We laugh so hard watching her toddle back and forth, just the tip of her little tongue sticking out, huffing and puffing, concentrating so hard on which item to put back next. She is absolutely my girl!

Life is bittersweet. The sweet? Our summer trip to Italy! The bitter? Expired passports. At least we had a good laugh at these babies. Don't even get me started on our new pictures. The photo guy made me put a Walgreens shirt over my cute white top so I wasn't a floating head, and then he awkwardly tucked my hair for me. Brad looks like he just committed a felony. Let's just leave it at that.

B+K Circa 2006

Get a whiff of this. Brad tells a lot of the same funny childhood stories about a thousand times each. Just when I thought I had heard them all, this gem surfaced. When they were little, Brad's older brother Preston told him a normal bottle of cologne was actually pheromone cologne. He convinced him that for a small fee, he would share a portion of the magic with him and it would instantly make them both babe magnets. I'm not sure which part I enjoy more, Preston's idea of pheromone cologne or Brad spending all of his birthday money on his lucky purchase.

I couldn't resist sharing the Easter bunny picture my mother-in-law sent me of Brad and Preston. Who needs pheromone cologne when you're rocking red cowboy boots and Pharrell's famous hat before it was cool?

Cheers to the holiday weekend! May your days be sunny, your baskets overflowing, your chocolate eggs plentiful, and your bunny visits minimally traumatic. Happy Easter everyone!

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