November 1, 2013

Friday 5's

I've been feeling rather uninspired regarding the blog lately. To the contrary, my life has actually been full of fun! You'd think I'd be bursting to write. Here are a few updates I managed to scrape together to celebrate this beautiful, sunny Friday: 

1. Home Sweet Home? I spent the past two weeks in Michigan visiting friends and family (Brad was gone for a field training exercise). It was a blast to introduce everyone to Ruby, she was a big hit as always.

 I love the smiles she puts on all faces (and how good she looks in green and white)

I have to admit, though, I quickly found myself itching to get back to Missouri. I used to think it was cute but kind of cliche when people would say "home is where the military sends us." Lately I actually believe and feel it to be true. Each return to Michigan feels a little less like home, and wherever our current home may be pulls at my heartstrings more and more. It is very bittersweet.

2. 25. November is here, and a big birthday is approaching for me. A quarter of a! As I look around at my happy little married home full of spoiled fur babies with two framed, hard-to-earn degrees hanging on our wall I can't help but feel pretty darn proud.

3. Eat Worms. Feeling disappointed about our measly showing of trick-or-treaters, Brad and I whipped up a treat of our own and loaded Ruby into the car on All Hallows' Eve for what may become a Witt family tradition.

Graveyard dirt seemed to be just the thing to surprise our friends with at their front doors to show them how much we love and appreciate them! Simple acts of unexpected giving just feel so good sometimes.

4. House Hunters. We finally unpacked the last box from this move (or so it seems) just in time to begin the search for our home near Fort Campbell. To rent or to buy, that seems to be the big debate lately. Advice and your own experiences, especially from our military friends, would be greatly appreciated. Either way, I simply cannot wait to be in a real home with a backyard and space for our family to grow.

5. Weekly Favorite Photo. The two goons in the front drove me and Ruby back to Missouri and toured Fort Leonard Wood. The goon in the back is very happy to have his girls back home.

Happy Friday! Happy November!