October 22, 2016

Bumpin' | 22 & 26 Weeks

How far along? 22 weeks (September 21, 2016)
How big is baby? Spaghetti squash, about 11 inches and 1 pound
Milestones? Baby has eyebrows and developing tooth buds
Maternity clothes? Oh yes
Sleep? Not good. Any suggestions for improvements, mamas?
Symptoms? Nothing crazy beyond fatigue and aches and pains. I am pretty sure that is partially just toddler mom life though, not all pregnancy.
Food cravings? I scolded Brad for making a lunch meat sandwich in front of me the other day, and when I returned to the kitchen he had sweetly and without complaint took all of the meat off and had just bread and cheese. Since then, I have wanted plain cheese sandwiches every day for lunch. 
Food aversions? None
Gender? Boy
Labor signs? None
Belly button in or out? In
What I miss? The season for apple cider, including the spiked variety, has arrived. Very rarely do I miss alcohol during pregnancy because I am not a huge drinker to begin with, but I will admit to feeling a little heartbroken missing out on a seasonal favorite.
What am I looking forward to? Getting up to Michigan for a visit to share Eloise with my family. She is growing and learning so fast these days, I am really anxious for them to marvel at her the way we do. She can say her own name now (although it typically comes out a bit more like "Elle-Wee") and seems to learn a handful of new words daily. I adore hearing her sweet little voice!
Best moment this week? Finally getting our house officially on the market. Although it is very bittersweet, it means we are one step closer to the move that will provide us some much deserved family time. We also enjoyed a quick visit from my close friend and fellow Army wife Amy and her husband. Things picked back up right where we left off, as they always do with true friends. And Eloise was beyond happy running back and forth between the two of them delivering big hugs all day long. It was fun to see them appreciate what a sweet little girl our baby has grown to be. 

Due to toddlerhood, our trip north, and a house for sale...a 24 week bump picture just did not happen. 

How far along? 26 weeks (October 19, 2016)
How big is baby? Butternut squash, about 14 inches and 2 pounds
Milestones? Baby can open his eyelids and senses changes in light from inside the womb
Maternity clothes? Yes
Sleep? For whatever reason, I slept pretty great while in Michigan. I think my parents' firm guest bedroom mattress rather than our pillowtop may have done the trick. Would anyone like to buy me a new mattress?
Symptoms? Nothing new or noteworthy
Food cravings? Ditto
Food aversions? Double ditto
Gender? Boy, and our little man finally has a name! We gave ourselves the 8 hours of our drive back from Michigan to Tennessee on Sunday to make a decision from our top favorites. I already feel so much more connected to him calling him by name now, although we will keep it to ourselves except initials until his birth day just like we did for Eloise. 
Labor signs? I think I am feeling some Braxton Hicks contractions lately. I never had them with my first pregnancy (that I know of), but a rock hard belly and mild cramps are coming and going.
Belly button in or out? In but becoming increasingly flat
What I miss? After meeting baby Scarlett, the 7-week-old cutie of our friends Josh and Brittany, in Michigan, I will admit my arms are beginning to ache for a newborn again. I am so thankful for the timing of this guy on the way. Eloise was amazing and so gentle with Scarlett, or "Lolly" as she calls her. 
What am I looking forward to? Being back together with Brad. We were apart for a week while Eloise and I were in Michigan, enjoyed a quick weekend together, and then dove into another week apart during field training. It feels like it has been a long time since we enjoyed family time at home. Also, three close girlfriends who have moved away from Fort Campbell are all coming back this weekend for a visit and to celebrate a few babies on the way (including ours). I am excited beyond words to reunite! Our family Halloween costumes are also nearly complete. I cannot wait to see how Eloise reacts to the festivities and fun of it all. Lots to look forward to in the weeks ahead, and a lot of boxes to be packed too. Yikes!
Best moment this week? We had so many great moments visiting family and friends during our week in Michigan. The highlights included sitting front row at a fantastic Ingrid Michaelson concert in Milwaukee with my friend Aura and attending a Beauty and the Beast movie viewing party my sister Whitney planned for Eloise given her recent obsession with the beast. Grandma Sue also spoiled baby boy with lots of new clothes while we were in town. I am finding that worthy boy clothes are definitely harder to find, but because it is such a challenge, finding something adorable feels like such a huge victory.