September 20, 2013

Friday 5's

So I have been seriously slacking in the world of blogging. What in the world, one may ask, have I been doing instead with my mass quantity of free time out here in the woods?
  1. Breaking Bad. I'm completely addicted. Not to the blue (obviously), but to Heisenberg and the whole dang crew. So much so that I am now proud but also a little ashamed to say I am officially up to date and ready to watch the last two episodes in real time with the rest of the BB addicts out there. I'm feeling a tad nervous though that I'm getting overly attached. My heart breaks a little and I tend to mourn like I've lost loved ones when I finish a great series of books or shows. 

    The moral of Breaking Bad

  2. Pup Adventures. I have a new walking pal! His name is Scout, and he is a four-month-old bundle of cute...and perhaps a little bit of naughty every now and then. My friend Kristin recently landed an unexpected new job, thus filling my afternoons with endless adventure with her fur baby. Scout and I pride ourselves on mastering the sit, stay, and come this week with a Cheerio treat at the end. It has been so miserably hot here still, our walks usually involve me sweating to near death and daydreaming about a cool, fall afternoon walk together in our hopefully very near future.

  3. Better buy stock in JoAnn's. I've been doing some serious crafting lately. Here is my latest favorite - old house keys turned into sparkly Christmas ornaments! I'm really looking forward to taking the time each holiday season to think of the memories we made in each home.

  4. Viva Las Vegas. We are officially booked for a trip to Vegas to celebrate the 21st birthday of Miss Meredith Witt on New Year's Eve. Not too shabby of a way to end an incredible year for us. 2013, you've been a pretty good one so far.

  5. Pizza Stone Cookies? Yep. You heard me right. I believe Brad's quote was, "You have officially mastered the chocolate chip cookie." A friend suggested I bake my next batch on our new Pampered Chef pizza stone. Why have we been missing out on the perfect cookies all these years?! Try it. I dare you.                                                                                                   

That is all.

Oh, except for one more thing.

Wedding thank you notes are consuming/ruining my life.

Happy weekend everyone!

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